*Educational Advocate Services *Consultations Representation at IEP Meetings *Promotion in doubt meetings *Resolution Meetings *Impartial Hearing Community Services *Varies Workshops *Tutoring services *Counseling Services for Long Term Care Governmental or State Services *Assist with Medicaid applications *Assist with the Waiver program *Support Broker for self-Direction *Assist with Support staff

                               Need Help?

Does your child have an IEP?
Did your child receive a promotion in doubt letter?
Is your child facing disciplinary action from the Board of Education?
Do you feel your child need help and you can’t get anyone to listen?

If you can answer yes to anyone of these questions then you are at the right place! 
Let A Mother’s Vision teach you how to take full control of your child’s Education. We believe in the concept no child left behind.  Every child deserve to get a proper education. We are here to help you to accomplish your vision for your child.